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What: IAFCS Partners with SANUS®

IAFCS Partners with SANUS® to Educate Families about TV Safety

Due to increasing sizes and new ultra thin designs, today’s flat panel TVs can tip when bumped or pulled, causing them to topple off furniture, potentially causing injury or even death. In addition, TVs can easily tip or fall when a child climbs on furniture.

Injuries from TVs

About every 30 minutes a child in the U.S. is injured as a result of a TV or furniture tip-over incident (CPSC).

The average 32” flat panel TV weighs as much as 3 bowling balls.

What Families Can Do

Mounting flat panel TVs is the safest, most secure way to avoid injury.

Please do not place TVs on dressers or other clothing storage units. A child can easily open the drawers which often causes the furniture and TV to fall, resulting in severe injuries.

With a wide variety of TV mounts on the market, families are sure to find a mount for their needs. SANUS has a wide variety of TV mounts and tests their wall mounts so they can hold four times their rated weight capacity.

A safety strap can also help prevent serious injuries from happening. One end of the safety strap is secured to the TV and the other end is installed into the wall stud.

Remember, the worst decision is indecision, so make a plan to secure your TVs today. Help IAFCS & SANUS® spread the word about TV Safety!

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